The Obsessive Crush Syndrome

The Obsessive Crush Syndrome. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never have chance with love, but thank god there’s someone like My Crooked Moments who’ll tell us that being awkward is sometimes a good thing.


Keeping The Mind Fresh–Cristian Mihai

I love books. I mean, I LOVE THEM. I read a lot, and being a booklover, I was super excited when I stumbled (somehow) upon Cristian Mihai‘s blog, which features his amazing writing skills and his ability to write about potentially boring things but makes them just downright fascinating. He’s a true artist, the difference between him and a painter is just that he paints with words, not paint. He writes amazing stories, and I just love his style, and personally, I can’t really find the words to describe why his blog is such an awesome writer’s blog. I just can’t.

Here’s one of my favorite posts by him, depicting insparation.

I believe that the best ideas never die.
-Cristian Mihai, Insparation

Keeping Up With Style is Easy With Kate Spanish

I’m not one for crafts and DIY projects, but I LOVE vintage style, so one day, I looked up ‘Fashion’ on the nifty WordPress Reader and shifted through all of them, hoping to find a good site featuring that lovely vintage style and some good DIY (that must be easy to follow, because I am so inept with the simplest things such as tying my own shoelaces).

And guess what I found? I swear I could hear flutes and trumpets when I opened up Kate Spanish, a fashion blog that had everything I could ever dream of. Shoes that I drooled over, dresses I teared up over (well, maybe not that dramatic, but close), BUT, yes, that’s right, there were DIYs that I could ACTUALLY follow! GASP. I mean, not to say I don’t love the bloggers at The Fancy Pants Report and The Fashion Medley, don’t get me wrong guys, I love you too, but hey, Kate Spanish is one of those one in a million that can just be fashionable and make it seem like the easiest thing in the world. So effortless and fresh.

Here is one of my fave posts by here to date, it’s one of her most recent, and I swear, a little bit of me died when I say her dress. 🙂 so pretty. Here it is

Movie Madness– Today I Watched A Movie

Ever wanted to watch a movie but you just can’t really decide which one? I’ve been there, and usually I would be looking up the movie on Rotten Tomatoes, but now I have officially converted…I just long onto WordPress and check out Today I Watched A Movie’s blog. He’ll give you a quality review about just about any move out there, and he has this AWESOME way of rating the movie (all out of three, with categories showing you the value of the plot, characters, visuals and more) I prefer reading Today I Watched A Movie because for some reason I find him more reliable than Rotten Tomatoes, which is based on vote but not really an opinion. It’s nice to read a review from someone who 1) writes about what HE thinks about the movie, not about what he thinks that the people want to hear 2) Doesn’t limit himself to the mainstream movies, but to EVERYTHING,and when I mean everything, I mean EVERYTHING. \

here’s a link to one of his best posts (in my opinion),  because I was wondering if I should bother to see the Hunger Games or not. See for yourself

and if you’re really bad at navigating the Internet, then here’s a link to his blog

Awesome Post from My Crooked Moments

Know-It-All Brothers and Wild House Parties.

This is such a funny post. And blog. LOVED IT. Check it out if you can!

This blog is called My Crooked Moments and it’s about a girl who has all of these funny adventures, and since she’s kind of at that stage of being and ‘awkward’ teenager, she has a lot of stories that anyone can relate to. Enjoy 😀